Groove Island 2019 is a first of its kind immersive dance music experience on Catalina Island

On the weekend of September 27-30, 2019, the blissful and picture-perfect paradise of Catalina Island will become a carefully curated and all-encompassing celebration of life, positivity, and dance music. To accommodate the expected attendance, Whet Travel has bought out nearly all of the hotels, AirBNBs, and the entire campground, plus will have will have a selection of yacht, ferry, and helicopter packages available when it goes on sale March 20 at noon PST 3 p.m. EST.  

Groove Island is an immersive dance music experience on beautiful and historic Catalina Island. Don't miss out on the many attractions this destination has to offer as they host our #GCFam during this memorable celebration and reunion.



Whet Travel, the award-winning innovators and leaders of the dance music cruise craze since 2004, are once again revolutionizing an industry and creating an unparalleled debut experience.

Whet Travel is known internationally for Groove Cruise, Salsa Cruise, Zen Cruise, Cruise Control nightclub takeovers, and more. “Team Get Ship Done” brings 15 years of experience throwing 50+ island destination parties to Catalina for the inaugural Groove Island.


By sea or air, getting to Groove Island is easy and fun. You can journey to Catalina Island by ferry from four mainland ports in Southern California: San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach, or Dana Point. The ride is only about an hour by boat or 15 minutes by helicopter. Aerial services to Groove Island are available from Long Beach, San Pedro, Burbank Airport and John Wayne Airport/SNA.

Once on the island, the town of Avalon is easy to navigate by foot. The town is 1 square mile so it’s a quick walk to almost anywhere on the island. Taxis and shuttle buses can take you to your destination, or you can rent bicycles or one of the island’s iconic golf carts.


A first-time for the Catalina Island, all the hotels, Airbnb, and the campgrounds have been completely bought out exclusively for Groove Island’s “#GCFam.” Whether you are looking for a camping experience, or accommodations ranging from affordable, mid-range, or luxury, Whet Travel’s “Team Get Ship Done” has got you covered.


Enjoy 40 dance music artists from multiple genres at several island venues. The world’s top house, trance, techno, hip-hop, and open format artists as cultivated by the Abyss, Embark, Cruise Control, and Silent Disco brands. Other entertainment including comedy shows.


Starting from $$$


Vacation Rentals

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Starting from $$$



Groove Island has reserved a variety of beautiful venues on Catalina for the festivities including the Descanso Beach Club, the Casino–featuring the world’s largest circular dance floor, and so much more!


There will be artist-hosted activities such as a golf and fishing tournament, hiking the mountainous interior, zip lining, jet skiing, heart-pumping escape room, ropes course, a ghost tour, culinary class, and much more.


Always a highlight, get your mind body and soul rejuvenated with the Whet Oasis chillout experience with yoga, meditation, wellness workshops and so much more.


With a social conscience, the festival also offers the Whet Foundation Volunteer and Community Projects for a chance to give back to the locals in destinations the travel company visits. The Whet Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 created in 2011 and a portion of all Groove Island proceeds and merchandise will go to local initiatives in Catalina.


Stunning and unspoiled Catalina Island is renowned for its diverse and unique wildlife (more than 60 plant and animal species are found solely on Catalina), dive sites, and the breathtaking peak of Orizaba. Two harbors adorn the island, as do rows of picture-perfect palm trees and cabanas along Descanso Beach. With hints of art deco style, white sand beaches, and deep blue seas, it is the stuff of vacation dreams surrounded by a history rich with the glamour of Hollywood films, romance, and impeccable hospitality. Groove Island offers endless possibilities for exploration and your own jaunts of discovery.


When it comes to restaurant and dining options, Catalina Island offers something to satisfy even the pickiest of palates. Catalina dining options include exclusive beachfront restaurants, fine dining restaurants or something as simple as a juice and salad to go. Stroll Crescent Avenue with a freshly-made waffle ice cream cone. Try out Catalina Island’s signature cocktail, the Buffalo Milk. It’s like a Mudslide, gone island-style! Dine on fresh, local Catalina seafood or prime steaks at a table overlooking the harbor. Hungry for something different? Groove Island will be sure to WHET your appetite!


Lizzy Curious

The nature aspect of it for me sounds so amazing, alongside all the usual amazing Groove Cruise entertainment! <3 xxx

Terrence from Richmond, California

I’m excited!!!! Lots of speculation about what will and won’t happen. I have no idea what to expect but I’m super excited to be a part of something new.

Fe from Las Vegas, Nevada

This looks dope!!

Joy from San Jose, California

Get bad seasickness? Here is your Groove Cruise alternative! 🏝

Brett P.

Well done Jason Beukema love how you have kept innovating in an industry of “more of the same”. This looks and sounds amazing! 🙌

Esteban from Corpus Christi, Texas

Awesome! Better start planning this trip already.

Tony from Hollywood, California

This sounds like a lot of fun!


Descanso Beach Club says dogs are permitted on the patio and deck only and must be on a leash at all times. The island is not dog friendly. For instance, no dogs are allowed on front street, and most hotels do not allow dogs.

The island is ADA compliant, however, the older buildings are not.

There are about 145 lockers at Zip Line.

Yes water bottles are allowed, no GLASS.

You can get to the island via ferry or helicopter. Ferry-boats do not run 24 hours.

No Ubers, but there are golf carts and limited taxis. Most place are only a 15 to 20 minute walk depending on where you are walking from.

Yes, however transportation will not be available 24 hours.

When an owner is not on his mooring, the Harbor Master rents them to boaters on a first come basis.  No reservations are accepted, and if you are a boater assigned to a mooring, and the owner shows up at any time, the Harbor Master will move you to another mooring.  If no mooring is available, you toss an anchor. For more information on the harbor or mooring usage, please follow this link.


a portion of all proceeds go directly to the 501c3 non-profit Whet Travel Foundation


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